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Geeks Beware Head Explosion Danger: J.J. Abrams to Direct Next Star Wars

by on Jan.24, 2013, under Movies, News

#star_wars_geekIf you’ve ever dressed like THIS GUY for Halloween, or even know what the heck he’s trying to pull off here (no, it is NOT a Pale Pacman), then you are likely giddy with glee. 

The same man who ably helmed the masterful Star Trek reboot, J.J. Abrams, is set to direct Star Wars VII

Let us sacrifice the fatted Ewok and rejoice!

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Nothing on TV? Try Person of Interest

by on Mar.15, 2012, under Television

I don’t post so much about TV lately, because there’s so precious little on TV that holds my attention beyond sports, news, and history stuff. The one show I always make time for is Person of Interest on CBS, which I’m pleased to hear was picked up for a much deserved second season. Airing Thursdays at 9 Eastern, the first season is drawing to a close, but it’s a rather easy to get onboard show, methinks. Here’s a promo for the premeire: (continue reading…)

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REVIEW: Mission: Impossible III (2006)

by on Jan.15, 2012, under Movies

Re-posting one of Tom’s old reviews from the old Film Is Pwn days:

I skipped Mission Impossible 3 in theaters. I skipped it at the rental store. I skipped over buying it on several occasions. I had been told it was good, but I assumed it was all lies.

I had reason to think it was lies; I had, after all, seen Mission Impossible 2. I finally caved and sat down to watch it about a week ago. About five minutes in I started to think that perhaps M:I-2 had just been a bad memory, perhaps it never happened, because this sure felt like an extension of the first and very enjoyable Mission: Impossible. The question really is … what happened?

For a good film one usually starts with a good script or screenplay. A director may make adjustments along the way to fit with their vision, but a good screenplay is critical. For Mission: Impossible 2 however this just didn’t happen. Robert Towne, the writer credited with the screenplay, comments that a majority of the script was centered around action sequences requested by John Woo, long time fun-bad movie maker. Fortunately, John Woo didn’t make Mission: Impossible 3, JJ Abrams of the TV show Lost did. (continue reading…)

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REVIEW: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

by on Jan.02, 2012, under Movies

I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, a.k.a. Don’t Call It Mission Impossible 4, over the course of Christmas weekend.  Bottom line: loved it.  It’s everything you’d want in a Summer movie — fun action, excitement, crazy stunts, lots of laughs — but in time for the holidays!

The Mission Impossible franchise has benefited and suffered from bringing in different directors and subsequently different directions for the first three films.  (continue reading…)

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All’s Well With the World

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Movies, News

It may be the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine.  As long as I live long enough to see:

  1. J.J. Abrams signed on to direct Star Trek 2.  (Yea!  Loved the Trek reboot, and Abrams’ influence all but guarantees awesomeness.  Naveen Andrews for Khan makes it official!)
  2. Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme signed for Expendables 2.  (Dampening the enthusiasm somewhat: The article does state they’re trying to get Nicolas Cage — garrrrrrrrr!!!!!)
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REVIEW: Super 8 (2011)

by on Jun.11, 2011, under Movies

Saw Super 8, the new monster movie that hit theaters this weekend.  More than a mere monster movie, this is a writer-director J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek [2009], Alias, etc.), Stephen Spielberg-esque monster movie.  So Steven Spielberg-esque is Super 8, that it’s produced by Steven Spielberg. 

The film is set in 1979, following a cast of smalltown tweens who are working on their own no-budget zombie movie with a Super 8 camera.  The kids boldly sneak out to film a scene at night, and barely survive a military train being derailed.  In the carnage, one of the boys sees something escape the train, and maybe, just maybe their camera may have caught a glimpse as well.  Pretty soon, the military is investigating, the kids are coming of age (mild sappiness alert!), dogs are running away from home, machine parts are turning up missing, and there be a monster lurking in the shadows.

I don’t want to give away too much, partly because I’m feeling lazy and partly because you need to go see this movie(continue reading…)

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Opening Today: Super 8!

by on Jun.10, 2011, under Movies

I must see Super 8 this weekend. So what if it looks like a less friendly version of E.T., it’s from writer/director J.J. Abrams! J.J. Abrams is second only to Christopher Nolan in my movie-maker, fanboy glee:

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One Movie Ad From the SuperBowl Has My Curiousity Piqued

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Movies, Sports

I actually did not watch the SuperBowl — as a Chicago Bears fan I can’t root for the Green Bay Packers and as a fan of women not being molested by celebrities I can’t root for the Steelers. If there were some possibility of both teams losing, I’d have had something to root for.

But I did DVR it, fast forward the game, and watch the commercials. The only movie that really caught my attention was Super 8 — a mysterious sci-fi movie from director J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias, Star Trek [2009], Mission: Impossible III) and producer Steven Spielberg (Always, Duel, Columbo: Murder By The Book, Hook).  2011′s would be blockbusters are a pretty weak (Thor, Captain America, Fast & Furious Five, Green Lantern) so forgive me if I’m grasping for straws. Check out the trailer, trailer-checker-outers! (continue reading…)

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